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The intestines and stomach of dot is compared commonly flimsy, need eats the food that raises a stomach to raise a stomach slowly more, but a lot of dot like to have a thing in disorder, such meetings create burden of intestines and stomach, cause gastroenteritis easily, the child often feels collywobbles must cause the parent’s attention, because this may be the expression of alvine path disease, should check as early as possible, treat as early as possible. So does kids always say what reason collywobbles is?

 The child often says collywobbles

1, alvine angina

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Expressing healthy state of the child. Cherry mom says, small cherry when a month is much, feed a grandma a little while, small cherry is indescribable cry greatly, shout oneself hoarse. Cherry mom examination looks: Do not have shit, temperature normal also, child also did not go eczema, firm had fed not hungry. Why does not clear small cherry cry, changing then law all sorts of fooling, bub appears not feel grateful, small fist grasps closely, the chaos with ceaseless crus toes step on, there is an outcry in cry. Cherry mom is afraid, adopting the child went to a hospital. The doctor says is alvine angina, little baby can be encountered, etc darling is again a bit bigger good.

Only normally the little baby of 20% can happen, be born commonly half month begins to come on to full moon left and right sides, the little baby of 60% can take a favourable turn to 3 months left and right sides, the little baby of 90% 4 months when a lot of. If novice pa Mom encounters the darling of alvine angina, add the remedial method that did not make clear, the child lasts for some time everyday cry be troubled by, the parent can appear normally very angst.

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Massage: The clockwise kneads the little stomach of darling gently, conduce to the gastric bowel exhaust that helps darling, rise to alleviate at the same time aching action.

Nurse: Absorb can let little baby have safe feeling, and breast having a parent can prevent milk allergy.

 The child often says collywobbles

The action of swaddle: Use small quilt to lap darling gently, be equivalent to mom’s uterus, can let darling find the sense in mom abdomen, darling is met slowly quiet to come down.

Change an individual to change an environment: Some moment are holding little baby in the arms to be outdoor going, darling sees the scene outside the meeting can be asleep slowly. Perhaps changing let father hold in the arms, the palpitant voice with warm strong bosomA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, did not cry very quickly.

Change milk powder: Suspicion is milk allergy, might as well darling changes to wait into pink of milk powder of protein hydrolysate recipe, amino yoghurt.

2, intussusception

Intussusception comes on have inducement, suffer from enteritis, diarrhoea, cold to wait to cause intussusception easily. Typical feature: Bellyacke, abdomen is wrapped piece, blood. The kind that the child expresses is clonic cry be troubled by, the crouching that companion has vomitive; little baby to be able to ache the body. After bellyacke passes, perspire, the skin is cadaverous, temporary can return to normal activity.

Once diagnose. Do not let darling take food again, include to water. Vomiting is frequent, can bring about suck by accident, aggravating vomiting frequency Doctor; is met the circumstance infusion according to darlingForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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3, hernia

Umbilical colic appears in infant period normally, good hair at premature, low weight, cough and cry when be troubled by the most apparent.

 The child often says collywobbles

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Channel inclined hernia is the commonnest, cry for long be troubled by, premature, darling often constipation brings about an abdomen to press advanced, ridgy bump discovers in inguinal place, some meetings are swollen to scrotal place.

Mom notices observation at ordinary times, darling cries when be troubled by, inguinal, scrotal place has swollen content protruding to rise, darling lie low or when sleeping, can disappear, after perhaps be being massaged gently with the hand, disappear completely. Hernia won’t affect the child to grow development, the biggest risk is embedded namely. Children colic should be treated as early as possible, half years old are best operation period.

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