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The female ought to be caused in the light of any problems that appear on little stomach take seriously, because in the female little stomach lower part has huge reproductive system to distributing, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The each reproduction organ in reproductive system is important, appear any problems can bring about ability of conception of a female to be affected. The problem that little stomach aches female body often happens, and is little stomach hair good what reason can this kind of phenomenon be cause?

 How does alvine hair just return a responsibility

Hard ” abdomen ” the likelihood hints uterine flesh tumour

The amount that is like tumour of fruit palace flesh if volume is small, minor, can control through taking medicine. But, if arrive greatly certain level is necessary should do operation excision, so as soon as possible discovers the problem is very serious. In view of the uterusShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The patient that accumulate tumour may do not have any expressional symptoms, expert proposal sexual lives history the woman does B every year to exceed an examination. Also partial patient can have a symptom, if you appeared following any problem, should go up examination of hospital department of gynaecology.

 How does alvine hair just return a responsibility

Menstrual capacity is very much, hold1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Add time is very long

Expert introduction, this is the symptom with uterine flesh the the commonnest, most typical tumour, but also not be every suffer fromShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Person have. But the possibility that if you appeared,this symptom has to consider uterine flesh tumour first. Besides menstruation unusual outside, still next acid of leucorrhoea grow in quantity, waist, abdomens drop bilge, the symptom such as bellyacke, frequent micturition. But also most patient is done not have any unwell. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Hard hard ” little stomach “

If little stomach grew the flesh, feel is very soft actually. And if be uterine flesh tumour, handle is able hard. Become especially early morning is hollow and cystic when plentiful often the most apparent, the patient feels bump very easily. The case that this kind of appearance can see is uterine flesh tumour grow so that compareForum of Shanghai night net

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Big, some make the same score neat navel to the position greatly even. Expert introduction, appearance of tumour of flesh of palace of the very much written complaint that do not have disease looks not to come out at all, look only so ” little stomach ” not safe.

 How does alvine hair just return a responsibility

Clinical go up, a lot of patients discover infecund ability goes checking, fish of this ability check suffers from went up uterine flesh tumour. Look, this also is a decision criteria of uterine flesh tumour. If have infecund problem,should be discharged check have uterine flesh tumor.

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