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The food after the skin is allergic needs to adjust ability to go, because the whole body can be caused to appear during allergy little a knot in one’s heart of small red measles and those who itch is particularly afflictive, the body has an ache, prickle the feeling that itchs with Sao, bring very great pressure to the body, individual person body constitution is special, allergic property is different, can have skin allergy so, but not urticant conference appears the symptom of small measles, what should notice during is the skin allergic?

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 Skin allergy is not urticant remove roseola

What does skin allergy eat

1, much more compensatory vitaminic C: In the vegetables and fruits that contains rich vitaminic C, pear and bizarre fruit are first selection, eat more can strengthen skin organization, conduce antagonism is ab extra and sensitive.

2, the clear heat such as edible cool tea falls igneous food.

3, can eat a few milk, bean products and fresh vegetable, fruit more, in order to enhance skin strength. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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4, big jujube: Gong Zaozhong contains a large number of fighting allergic material- – adenosine of annulus phosphoric acidLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, can prevent the happening of allergic reaction. Every has the patient of hypersensitive shape, often can take red jujube.

5, honey: Certain pollen bead is contained inside honey, often drink the counteractive competence with can allergic to pollen certain generation.

 Skin allergy is not urticant remove roseola

Skin allergy eats what fruit

1, citric

Can calls hairdressing generalist. Lemon contains vitamin C and fruit acid, oil of its essence of life has the effect that fight bacterium, can bate and clean skin, and but deep-seated and clean skin and add facial ministry flexibility.

2, apple

an apple flay section or pound mud to take juice, apply at facial ministry, 15 minutes – get off after 20 minutes. The apple has the effect of skin of convergent, bright, commonly used can make spot of slender, face reduces the skin. Suit neuter skin.

3, apricot peach

Have calm effect. Can abstract in the pit of apricot peach give a kind of oil, this kind of composition can press down compose oneself classics, can promote the heal capability of skin.

4, litchi

Litchi contains vitamin A, B1, C, still contain pectic, dissociate a variety of elements such as amino acid, protein and iron, phosphor, calcium. Modern medicineFall in love with the sea

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Learn to study a proof, litchi has filling kidney, improvement liver function, quicken toxin to eliminate, stimulative cell is generated, make the skin delicate wait for action, it is to discharge poison to raise colour ideal fruit.

 Skin allergy is not urticant remove roseola

What cannot skin allergy eat

1, acrimony kind

Include chili, green, garlic, wine, ginger, leek, green to wait.

2, raw or cold food kind

Include the cool sex food such as partial fruit and vegetable of raw or cold food.

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3, fat kind

Include fat of animal, animal and deepfry kind food.

4, sea raw meat or fish kind

Include fish of hairtail, inland river, shrimp, crab to wait for food of aquatic product category.

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