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Next palpebral hyperaemia are red and general it is to stay up late excessive, the mobile phone plays below the condition that does not have lamplight in the late evening, the damage to the eye is particularly great. Excessive bring about eyestrain with the eye excessive, give strut of now eyelid hyperaemia. Of course, issue palpebral hyperaemia strut, still be likelySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Suffer from excessive internal heat is brought about. Eat some of delicate food more, sleep early rise early, if still be red, considerationShanghai Long Feng forum

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The element of the disease.

Next palpebral hyperaemia are red how to do

The concept with eye general hyperaemia thinks white is aglow.

The hemal under certain circumstance of ball conjunctiva and sclerotic organization appears when outspread hyperaemia, gore or haemorrhage, can present white aglow. The blood that organizes partly each as a result of eye ministry is offerredShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Origin is different, the eye hyperaemia pattern that its behave is different also, and pathological changes position of report is endless also and same. Because this eye congests,be the common symptom that a lot of eye disease share.

Next palpebral hyperaemia are red how to do

Conjunctivitis of acute courage and uprightness namely the red-eyed disease that civilian people place says, it is the eye disease with a kind of very strong infectivity.

The old person that reachs 889 years old from the baby of a few months is their target, often one person go to the bad, the action in the family. Contract red-eyed disease possibly all the year round, especially summerly fall (6~10 month) , want to notice to be on guard! When just will beginning the work in September especially, red-eyed disease breaks out the most easily! For instance grippe bacteria, can cause red-eyed disease, but the red-eyed disease that alvine path bacteria causes is most.

Next palpebral hyperaemia are red how to do

Affect a factor to having a bacteriumShanghai Long Feng forum

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Person, usable antibiotic eyedrop, daily 3 ~ 4. To be not infection element, cannot abuse, more cannot convention serves as comfort an agent.

But pilot and coriaceous steroid kind eyedrop, but cannot use for a long time, and should observation intraocular pressure.

Eyedrop is unfavorable and long-term use, can choose on the foundation of differentiate card take chrysanthemum to open tea square tea of group of this kind of traditional Chinese medical science.

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