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After giving birth to the child, for the traditional point of view from China, female nature entered confined phase. In confinement, the puerpera should notice his food especially, do not eat cold cool food, should not eat acrimony excitant feedLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Content, it is better to just can conduce to the body restore, in the meantime, consider what to eat to have profit to suckling moisture secrete even. So, it what course take in confinement is good that what course takes in confinement?

It what course takes in confinement is good that what course takes in confinement
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Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Confinement in childbirth can eat what vegetable

One, green vegetable

To the puerpera character food is more important, eating vegetable more during confinement in childbirth is very good to the puerpera’s refreshment. Common green vegetable has dish heart, spinach, green pepper to wait. Green vegetable can give pregnant woman pure and fresh feeling, what solve carnivorous is fat. Green vegetable contains kind of rich carotene and Vc, have the effect that combats oxidation and protective liver and eye.

2, apricot and vegetable

Apricot vegetable is the vegetable of a kind of light color that gives priority to with lotus lotus root. Lotus lotus root is very appropriate to the gore, person that n/med having blood in one’s stool and puerpera. Have very good disappear Yu effect for lotus root. But slant as a result of lotus root sex cool, reason puerpera is unfavorable and premature edible. Lotus root eats to be able to chase silt again after postpartum 1~2 week commonly.

It what course takes in confinement is good that what course takes in confinement

3, maize vegetable

Maize vegetable has any of several hot spice plants of bud of pumpkin, soya bean, Huang Tian, yellow calabash. Maize vegetable also contains a lot ofkind of carotene, can defer skin consenescence, and beneficial to liver.

4, purple is vegetable

Purple vegetable has violet aubergine, laver. Purple vegetable can adjust the puerpera’s nerve and increase its adrenal secrete, mood of your pregnant womanLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Happy, precaution is postpartum and depressed. The closest research still discovers content of P of violet aubergine vitamin is as high as 0.72 milligram, vitamin P is one of 14 kinds of vitamins with indispensable human body. It can protect blood-vessel to prevent to bleed, OK and the machine rate that lowers cerebral blood-vessel embolism, can improve haemal circulation, having favorable effect to the prevention and cure of cardiovascular disease, to hypertensive, haemoptysis, patient of skin violet spot has profit.

It what course takes in confinement is good that what course takes in confinement

5, red is vegetable

Gules vegetable has tomato, red turnip, gules pimiento to wait. Gules vegetable contains a lot ofvitamin C commonly, it can give a person the sense with marked, excitement, can increase the appetite of people and can stimulate neurological stimulant.

6, black vegetable

Black vegetable has kelp, wood1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Ear, Xianggu mushroom. General black vegetable contains a lot ofiron to pledge, have the effect that enrich the bloodA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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According to considering to confirm, in black agaric ” polysaccharide body ” material is a kind of composition that fight cancer, have inhibition to tumor, have immune character. Additionally 15 grams strike every of everyday use black agaric, dish is done to eat after bubble is sent, still can have prophylaxis and treatment tall blood fat, hypertensive, use sclerotic, coronary heart disease and brain apoplectic wait for action.

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