[be pregnant the stomach bilges eat abdomen of pregnant woman of what good _ to bilge it what eat is good to what eat] –

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When the female is pregnant, the body can become sensitive all the more, the symptom that won’t appear at ordinary times more very much can explode possibly when conceiving pregnancyShanghai night net

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Send. The comparison that pregnant female eats normally is much, be pregnant does the stomach bilge abdomen of pregnant woman of what good _ to eat to bilge it what eat is good to what eat? If pregnant woman people because eat much a few food that be digested easily or promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach can eat if abdomen bilges, come along specificly understanding falls.

 Be pregnant the stomach bilges it what eat is good to what eat

One, be pregnant abdomen bilges it what spirit takes is good that what spirit takes

Barley porridge or rice congee bilges to abdomen gas is better, at the same time to brash or the problem such as stomach-ache has alleviate do with. Main operation method: Boil of meter of 5 minutes of water after 10 minutes, change Cheng Xiaohuo to be stewed slowly one hour or so, it is OK that one day is drunk several times the help alleviates bilge angry circumstance.

Buy purer malic vinegar, one spoon is good the water that adds a cup of 200ml again, can help aid digestion, after perhaps rising every morning first hollow drink a cup of lemonade, can help the peristalsis that stimulative stomach bowel, and the possibility that still can in time undertake defecate avoids to produce gas. Green turnip is best, it is red Bai Luobo next, do not eat carrot, because do not have the effect, had better be to be cut directlyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Cut eat raw, but gastric function is bad can stew, the effect that drinks boiling water also is to be gotten nevertheless, have Qing Dynasty of be good at stomach to heat up the effect with phlegmy disappear.

The nurture such as E of A of C of prandial fiber, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, folic acid and carotene is contained to pledge in yangtao, the prandial fiber that its contain a lot ofis the most high grade in the fruit almost, these edible fiber can help human body intestines and stomach digest, adsorption and take away a lot of harmful material inside alvine path to reach fat and adipose, have very good clear heat to fall the action with fire, aperient moisten the respiratory tract.

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The nurture such as iron, carotene is qualitative, have the effect with clear aperient bowel. Other a peach-shaped thing, Yang Mei, jujube, watermelon, apricot contain a variety of vitamins, and contain a lot ofmany cellulose, all have the effect of constipation of prevention and cure. Costive patient is like edible the grapefruit of a few Pi Houduo juice, defecate often but instantly unobstructed. Attention: Grapefruit has the effect of slippery bowel, can make the person produces diarrhoea. Accordingly, the person with gastric bowel undesirable function is unfavorable eat grapefruit more.

 Be pregnant the stomach bilges it what eat is good to what eat

2, abdomen bilges to treat a method angrily

Alleviate bilge gas, want to adjust oneself dietary habit above all. If already the stomach bilges enraged, but have a meal every time or eat and drink too much, natural meeting increases the burden of gastric ministry. So, wanted give up to be pregnant to return the bad habit that eat and drink too much above all. Next, eating much food less also is first-rate to pregnant woman food means. Take food every time a few some, but increase the number that eat, every time the time that food enters gastric ministry spins, reduced gastric ministry burden so, help stomach motivation alleviates. Natural won’t abdomen bilges enraged.

Massage method: Above all, feed less muchSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Eat, every meal has 1 in one’s childhood, side lies lying, from right on the abdomen prepares, the way that clock takes, inch arrives the position of left epigastrium, then, continue again inch arrives next abdomen. Here, what must explain is, uterine position is not massaged when ten million remembers massage. Because once massage,come up against an uterus, cause uterine systole very easily, that is very dangerous. So, must remember! Do not be in massage when the position that presses an uterus.

 Be pregnant the stomach bilges it what eat is good to what eatLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Appetizing disappear feeds hawkthorn, suitable gas is acetanilide. With hawkthorn bubble water, or with tea together tea of hawkthorn of decoct boil make it, daily and drinkable. Accumulate sluggish, abdomen to carnivorousA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Child bilge the symptom such as gas, inappetence has better improvement the effect. Still can choose fresh hawkthorn and rice to boil congee, have likewise fill lienal the effect that promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid with gas of stomach, beneficial.

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