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Possible meeting causes a lot of troubles, so everybody should is opposite carotid have proper understanding and knowledge, classics regular meeting has haemal in short supply, blood has been supplied fast, can produce a lot of undesirable reaction, want normal to static arterial internal diameter value to have relevant understanding and knowledge so.

 Carotid internal diameter is worth normally

Carotid it is cerebral blood offers the mainest artery, cent is the artery outside the artery inside the neck and neck, give birth to arteriosclerosis when carotid hair, when stricture tubal antrum, blood stream decreases, cerebral blood is offerred decrease, bring about a head to offer hematic inadequacy, can produce the clinical symptom such as dizziness. To carotid, cent is the artery outside the neck total artery, artery inside the neck and neck, normal value is its internal diameter respectively: 6 – 7.5mm, 5 – 6mm, 4.5 – 5.5mm. Specific what should see place measure is where root carotid.

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Carotid Carotid Artery

The artery with consist in cervical vertebrate. The artery outside having a neck (Caro-tis Externa, flower the artery inside Externl Carotid Artery) and neck (Carotis Interna, flower Internal Carotid Art-ery) . Former distributing to carry ministry and face ministry on the head to the head.

 Carotid internal diameter is worth normally

Latter is entered distributing to be mixed to the head inside skull inside orbit. When happen, branchial Gong Zhong does not form branchial mandible bend, so, also do not divide into branchial artery to mix from main artery a branchial artery. From the abdomen aortic ahead gives out the artery outside the neck, the artery inside the neck is the blood-vessel that leads to the 3rd branchial bend outspread and form, but in certain fish, amphibious having remaining part kind with crawl kind in, this one blood-vessel also sends a few blood to aortic root.

 Carotid internal diameter is worth normally

The aortic root of the advanced vertebrate of other, in the 3rd, the 4th main artery disappears between bend, so, its the 3rd aortic segment of a circle is become dinkum carotid. In be equivalent to the 3rd, the part of the celiac travel main artery between the 4th aortic bend calls neck total artery to work (Common Co-r1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, it is by the neck total artery does cent to be total artery of left, right neck, next again each branch is the artery inside the artery outside the neck and neck.

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