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Facial ministry blood capillary is very rich, and nerve ending organization develops quite, very sensitive to all sorts of excitant influences, meeting show appears a few unusual situations. For example, the face is swollen it is common expression, the face is swollen the image that creates people suffers huge destroy, accordingly, solve a face swollen issue is very pressing to the patient, the face sees below swollen what family to see? Hope understanding leaves authority.

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 The face is swollen see what family

Consider fester sex to infection was not cured thoroughly and be caused above all. Be like cannot complete detumescence not fester, criterion1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Can have a relapse at any time. Visit surgical department to the hospital and have standard treatment. When necessary operation cure.

Because the haemal circulation inside body is bad,the dropsy of general face ministry is or occurrence obstacle causes benefit water function of the kidney. Suggest or go to a hospital be being checked, the benefit water function that sees the obstacle that is nephritic function cause drops cause, can hang nephrosis division.

 The face is swollen see what family

A lot of diseases can cause a swollen appearance, e.g. nephrosis or heart disease, got very likely namelyForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Hectic, can go to a hospital making an inspection first, understanding is treated to disease again after next truths, it is OK to prove a cause suit the remedy to the case. But also be to belong to likely secrete what cause unusually, resemble this kind of circumstance also can hanging an endocrine division so.

Nephritic disease causes the symptom with swollen face does not eliminate, resemble this kind of circumstance should going to a hospital hanging an internal medicine above all so, check looks up a kidney to whether have a few problems, got nephritis for example orShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Pyelonephritis, these diseases can appear likely bloated. But fall in the circumstance of not obvious reason, the proposal had better be to hang an endocrine division.

 The face is swollen see what family

The possibility that considers the lymph node abscess that is mandible ministry possibly is larger, although use the inflammation after antiphlogistic medicine to have control, did not effect a radical cure, but the likelihood after local after drink blood-vessel is outspread can cause recrudesce, the likelihood below this circumstance considers is golden colorShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
The possibility that grape coccus affects is larger. The likelihood considered to had formed the likelihood of chronic inflammation, had better be it is good to go comparing to facial features division below the examination, check the excision that the operation had better become after be clear about, because of can avoiding the likelihood of iteration fit so.

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