Early-warning of yellow of haze of newest Jiangsu mist goes to Jiangsu weather forecast continuously when

21 days morning 9 when 37 minutes, jiangsu saves observatory to continue to issue signal of haze yell上海夜网

ow early-warning, jiangsu each district as before dusky. Suffer northward contaminant to carry an influence, severe mist haze weather has perplexed Jiangsu a week. Atmosphere department forecast says, till 23 days, after strong cold air affects Jiangsu in the round, pollute abil上海千花网

ity true hopeful gets alleviating.

The graph 上海龙凤论坛

is 21 days, ancient city Yangzhou as before dusky. Cui Jia bright photograph

Nowadays is worth Great Cold solar term, be in a year the coldest when, also be the midwinter time that civilian place上海千花网论坛

says. But the air temperature of Jiangsu wanders in 10 ℃ left and right sides all the time, this Great Cold does not calculate too cold. Today, foreca上海贵族宝贝论坛

st of J上海夜网论坛

iangsu atmosphere department shows, predict 23 days, the strong cold air that belongs to Great Cold solar term will be returned to, complete end lasts since the winter today weather of farthest mist haze, also can let air temperature return a winter at the same time should some appearance.

Jiangsu observatory forecast shows, to 25 days of Jiangsu major area will greet the 2nd snow of New Year 24 days. Forecast at present from observatory look, outside having medium sleet or snow except the eastpart part austral edge Jiangsu, heavy snow arrives in other area, partial area blizzard, north of area of north of the Huaihe River has small to in snow. The Jiangsu since 24 days saves air temperature of major area lowest to be in 0 times completely, air temperature of lowest of a week of future of district of north of the Huaihe River can achieve 7 ℃ 0 times. Predict the intermittence that is a snowfall 26 days, 27 days are returned to 28 days once apparent snowfall weather course. (Reporter Cui Jia bright)

Original title: Jiangsu continues to release haze yellow early-warning 23 days to rise to alleviate hopeful responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li

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