General Beijing publishs televised speech: The west ” span red line ” Mo Ji anger is Russian

General Beijing: The west is in Wukelan ” spanned red line ” do not want again exasperate Russia

Original title: General Beijing approves the west to be in Wukelan is excessive have a hand in desire Russia ” force corner “

In report occupied new network on March 18 report of dispatches from foreign news agency, beijing of Russia president general overcomes li of Mi Yagong 18 day上海龙凤论坛

s to cast application to publish televised speech to the whole nation into Russia in n上海贵族宝贝

ational parliament. He says, he has asked the parliament passes the resolution that makes Kelimiya becomes Russia territory. Country of west of general Beijing criticism is in Wukelan ” excessive have a hand in ” , try Russia ” force corner ” .

He says, in Kelimiya, russian, Wukelan and as Tartar as the Mi Ya in the gram language should be given coequal position. Should finish those who overcome li of Mi Ya Tartar to revive, its right must get resumptive completely.

He says, the west is in Wukelan’s behavior ” spanned red line ” . In crisis of Wu Kelan country, western country is done so that crossed a head, “Spanned red line ” . General Beijing warns the west not to want again exasperate Russia, say western country tries Russia ” force corner ” .

General Beijing says, will continueing with Wukelan’s relation is Russia is important concern external, but it is OK that Wukelan still is lacked the legitimate government of contact with.

General Beijing admits Russia is in the gram Mi Yazeng arms, but the agreement that before weigh Russia and disobeying this, signs. General Beijing Russia abided by what sign with Wukelan阿爱上海同城

to allow most 25 thousand Russia army the treaty of base of fleet of the Black Sea of the Mi Ya in quarter at gram.

He says, russia does not think disrupt Wu Kelan, it is the right that black government violated domestic Russia clansman. General Beijing says, wu Kelan government violated the right of the Russian of its home be in the minority. The Russian in Wukelan ” suffer early enough ” Wu Kelan government.

He says, those who overcome Limiya 16 days to hold is fair cast accord with law of nations, the self-determination that mirrorred its citizen counterpoises. The Kosovo that he supports with the west is independently exemple, say western coun上海同城对对碰交友社区

try duplicated the game that oneself create is regular.

General Beijing says, kelimiya breaks away from Wukelan, duplicated Wukelan Russia is independent once upon a time 1991.

He says, in Russian memory, past of the Mi Ya in the gram and now is Russia ” cannot intersected ” part.

He says, kelimiya and Russia have very strong history and culture connection.

General Beijing assail before the gives Wukelan Kelimiya decision that Russia leader Khrushchev makes, limiya weighing a gram last weekend fair cast a decision to join Russia to have ” principal historical port ” .

Kelimiya and gas of a place of strategic importance held Burr in the palm 16 days to hold the whole people with respect to positional question fair cast. Make clear according to the result of 100% 爱上海

vote, 96.77% attend voting constituency to hold with Kelimiya to join Russian Federation, voting rate is 83.1% . The parliament announces Kelimiya 17 days from Wukelan ” independent ” , application joins Russia.

17 days, beijing of general of Russian Federation president signs a president to make, admit republic of the Mi Ya in the gram gives priority to authority independency. (in new network)

Incident of pop of Kelimiyaxinfeiluoboer happening i上海龙凤论坛sh1f

s sent 2 dead 2 injuries

Zhao Pu (compere) : International respect we deliver the view to Kelimiya first, laborious of metropolis of the Mi Ya in 18 days of grams Feiluoboer produced pop event one case, the Home Office according to Kelimiya confirms, pop incident causes team member of militia of the Mi Ya in the gram and Wukelan to be stationed in Kelimiya the soldier has one to be hurt to death each. And notable is, this incident is apart from general Beijing to overcome li of Mi Yafang face to ask to join Russian Federation be related to publish speak and sign relevant agreement, have the time of a few hours only. And after incident happening, this stage reporter drove an accident to quickly the spot, we will see relevant story.

Zhao Dongchen (reporter) : I now is to be in city of Er of wave of Xin Fei collect the triumphal ave of northeast direction, bureau of mapping of map of Wu Kelan military affairs is behind me so, when we reach the spot, we discover the road here has been blocked by the member of militia, when we sought advice from here after all to produce what job to them, they reject to be commented on to be being published right now.

Explanation: Pop incident happens local time to was controlled at 17 o’clock afternoon about, and the account that produces about this pop incident each view is differ. The information that from Kelimiya according to local media internal affairs ministry gets says, team member of militia of the Mi Ya in the gram received an information that day, in the residential area on library class street, discover armed personnel, with this group armed personnel encounters in the process that militia of the Mi Ya in the gram is ransacking, produce conflict. Subsequently armed personnel shoots to militia team member, shoot to the Wu Kelan barback all round, team member of militia of the Mi Ya in the gram in fighting and Wu Kelan’s soldier appear casualties, each have one to be hurt to death.

And according to Wukelan the news agency reports, this pop incident is caused by militia of the Mi Ya in the gram, after pop incident happens, the Wu Kelan of accredit of husband of strange Nuo of president plan Er of responsibility of Wu Kelan of act on one’s behalf’s president uses a weapon in Kelimiya’s garrison, in order to protect the life of Wu Kelan’s soldier and security. Tuerjinuofu expresses, wu Kelan’s soldier sorts hematic liability, should accusing Yueluosi leader, point to Beijing of Russia president general. This exterior cent remonstrant, in base complementary Wukelan ignites tire near governmental building, protest temporarily governmental nonfeasance. (CCTV)

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