The company judges: Peaceful prize and can’t bear turn one’s head ” of Arabia spring ” (graph)

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The Nobel peace prize 2015 promulgated 9 days congress of dialog of Tunisia whole nation, reason is to commend its are in the conclusive contribution that diversity democracy society built to make for Tunisia after jasmine flower revolution 2011. Because be in,receive the manner on refugee problem active and the German premier silent that is considered as popular person selected overcomes Er to wait to want next year to say again.

Tunisia is Arabia spring initiate a country, it was experienced after revolution politics is assassinated and the society is queasy, via the effort of countrywide dialog congress, alarmingly dangerous ground is broken上海千花网论坛

away from from civil war brim, in Arabia spring only general stability came true on political domain.

To conversational congress award a prize, media of a few wests thinks this represented Nuo appoint the meeting is right of Arabia spring name and support. But that revolution that this award hard to avoid lets a person review Xi Yabei to be not experience, nuo appoint resembling of this certificate of merit that can send was to pass ensanguined, your person sobs.

Of Arabia spring nearly 5 travel very quickly from Tunisia before New Year Egypt, Libyan, affect further after the country such as Yemen, Syria. Western world cheers上海龙凤论坛sh1f

one piece at that time, till,Euramerican country gave morality and justice respectively to arousing revolutionary opposition the support on the military affairs, quickened revolution spread.

Of these 9 years of Arabia spring be carried less on western media, western politician avoids respecting mostly it. The reason is a few pass, egypt inverted, the Mubalake that is overthrown was put from the jail, the Muerxi that appears on the stage because of revolution is turned over by coop jail. Libyan cast off Kazafei, be immersed in a disorder like Iraq however. Yemen and Syria erupt the civil war of different level, after Syria becomes World War II, emerge to Europe the birthplace of tide of the biggest refugee. Of Arabia spring 上海贵族宝贝

the collective that became western cookbook to bring about is toxic.

Tunisia is very lucky, this the conversational congress of bear the palm is done well really, honorable. Do not know Nuo appoint whether can want to emphasize through this award a prize: Not be the road fault that the west points out, however most Arabia country is too stupid, if those countries have an able conversational plenary meeting, can you still have civil strife and battle?

Of Arabia spring the color revolution of model be con上海夜网论坛

sideringed as, and color revolution appears the earliest in Wukelan to wait alone couplet system nation. Track the revolutionary country that those are encouraged by the west, include the country that is liberated Afghanistan and Iraq directly by western force, they stand in the world till today the front row of sheet of a list of names posted up of the randommest country.

Ought to say to produce the country of all sorts of color revolution, have acerb internal cause above all. Western world encourages them to introduce western democracy system with violent revolution means, those beg the society that chan爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ge and west to believe this is a tweak for a time. A series of the tragedy that unsuccessful can calls the mankind the society. The experience that the ma上海千花网交友

nkind changes is finite, the democratic revolution that is valued inside very big range fell big fall, bring global politics gloomy feeling.

Nuo appoint can choose an example that does not provide catholicity, resembling is to because the west runs and had the country that has a deficit greatly and society accordingly,should be invigorated, want them to see a hope in darkness.

Of Arabia spring 5 years, revolution of color of Wu Kelan first time up to now 10 years, a few republics are immersed in the Yugoslavia before Russia is mixed before queasy two years. Culture Revolution altogether of China 10 years. We are OK roughly those unsuccessful revolution are opposite dope out the effect that place of destiny of countless peoples individual produces.

The country that produced color revolution cannot complain the west killed them completely. Those countries missed reform before revolution, cause social contradiction to accumulate the explosive point that cannot clear away. Reform is the optimal way that a country avoids or releases the crisis, the world obtains successful country to had had deep reform process not less truly. The reform that succeeds however allocates each times very few however, the country that advances because of reform and realizing a stride and society are the favorite of the times undoubtedly.

(Original title: The company judges: Of peaceful prize and the Arabia that can’t bear turn one’s head spring)

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